B-CU Could Go Back To Online Classes If Cases Keep Climbing

"I know the state has reopened, but that does not give us license to behave as if things were normal," says the school's president


Daytona Beach, FL - In a video released on Wednesday, Bethune-Cookman University President Dr. E. LaBrent Chrite addresses a growing number of COVID-19 cases on the school's campus and warns students that learning could move online once again if the increases do not stop.

"I know you're tired of the distancing, the masks and the safety regimen," said Dr. Chrite. "It's getting old, I understand that."

According to Dr. Chrite, B-CU identified four new positive cases on Friday (October 16th), two additional cases by that following Monday (October 19th) and nine more by Wednesday (October 21st). In addition to that influx, 30 students are also in isolation and quarantine.

"That trend line is neither acceptable nor sustainable," said Dr. Chrite.

"Our job is to keep you safe and on campus through the 20th of November," added Dr. Chrite. "Your job is to do your part toward that end. You must mask-up and comply with the protocols in place."

Dr. Chrite further commented and said that the school could "pay a price" if the upward trend continues. And, according to Dr. Chrite, that price could involve moving classes out of the classrooms and back online. In order to keep that from happening, the university has been placed under a "lockdown," which is expected to be addressed further at a later date.

Until that time, B-CU's "March to the Polls" has been canceled alongside the school's voter rally. Any remaining student activities will be curtailed, per Dr. Chrite, and an 11 p.m. weekday curfew will be put into place. Students caught violating any of B-CU's new guidelines will be removed from campus.

"I know this is inconvenient," said Dr. Chrite. "But this inconvenience is nothing in comparison to the discipline and the commitment that our students possess."


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