Woman Sought In Halifax Harbor Marina Incident

By on June 5, 2019 in WNDB News
Nikki Shriver
(Daytona Beach Police Department)

Daytona Beach, FL – Police are looking for a woman who they believe can give them an answer regarding what happened early this morning in the Halifax Harbor Marina.

According to Messod Bendayan, Public Information Officer for Daytona Beach police, officers were called to the marina around 2 a.m. this morning (June 5th) to help remove 31-year-old Nikki Shriver from a boat.

Bendayan said the caller told officers that he and Shriver were involved in an intimate relationship without his wife’s knowledge and she was on the boat with the man’s permission.

The man decided to end his relationship with Shriver and told his wife about it before they went to the marina to get her taken off the boat.

“I don’t know for sure that she was living on the boat,” said Bendayan. “She had been on the boat with the husband’s permission so she was allowed to be there.

According to the report from police, Shriver began to make suicidal comments to the man and his wife over the phone as they were headed to the dock.

But, units that were already at the marina found that someone had untied the boat from the dock, causing it to float freely in the channel.

That same time, units believe they heard gunshots and saw fire on the boat, prompting police to call additional units.

After speaking to the owners, officers confirmed that there were three firearms on board, including an AK-47 with approximately 100 rounds of ammunition, a handgun with around 30 rounds and a shotgun with five rounds.

The damaged boat in the Halifax Harbor Marina

Eventually, the boat was towed back to a slip in the marina.

Inside of the boat
(Daytona Beach Police Department)

Officer boarded the boat and found Shriver’s phone, but Shriver was nowhere to be found.

DBPD is now looking for Shriver, not as a suspect, but as a person of interest in the incident.

“She’s not going to be charged as of now, we have no reason to,” said Bendayan. “We just want to get her side of the story, figure out what happened and make sure that she’s ok.”

Shriver has gone missing in the area before. Almost one year ago, Shriver went missing for four days in the Tiger Bay Forest.

During that search, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said that she was avoiding search parties and was paranoid because she was afraid someone else was looking for her.

If anyone has information on Shriver’s whereabouts, they are asked to get in contact with the Daytona Beach Police Department by called (386) 671-5100.



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