Swindled DeLand Veteran Helped By Project Vet Relief

By on June 12, 2019 in WNDB News
(Photo of Wallace Breland (on the right) and Mike Beaven courtesy of Project Vet Relief)

DeLand, FL – Help is still coming in for the 82-year-old DeLand veteran swindled out of his life savings recently. Wallace Breland received a check for $18,300 on Tuesday (June 11) from Mike Beaven, a veteran services caseworker with Project Vet Relief, which is part of the Florida American Legion.

Two people, 31-year-old Jessica Henry and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Gregory Dushan were arrested in May. Henry met Breland about three years ago when she told the veteran that she needed money to feed her children. Later, she’d claim she’s been arrested and needed money for her probation officer and for urinalysis. Dushan would call Breland, pretending to be a probation officer and demand money.

Breland’s situation came to the attention of DeLand Police when the Veterans Crisis Center reported a call from a man saying he was suicidal because he had no money, his car had been stolen, and he had no way of getting food.

While many people have helped, Mike Beaven says Project Vet Relief will continue to raise money for Breland and other veterans in need. He said they have helped a number of veterans stay in their homes and paid their utilities. Beaven gave another example. A veteran named Frank in DeLand who is on oxygen contacted Bevin to ask for help with getting a motorized scooter. He’s been trying to do iton his own for several months and was getting nowhere. Beaven was able to make a call an delivered the scooter to Frank just yesterday (June 12).

Beaven’s only works part-time but encourages any veteran in need to contact him at the Florida American Legion’s Project Vet Relief at 407-295-2631. If you’d like to donate specifically for Wallace Breland, click here.

If you’re a veteran in need of help, you can find the emergency assistance request form online by clicking here.


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