Ormond Beach Incident At School Bus Stop Not A Threat To Students

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Ormond Beach, FL -Update: An incident involving students waiting at a school bus stop in Ormond Beach last Friday apparently wasn’t as threatening as it first appeared to be. The students ran for safety to a nearby home.

Ormond Beach Police Department Detectives interviewed the woman who lives in the house where the students ran for safety, and she said she didn’t think the truck driver was paying any attention to them.

She did say she thought the girls were pretty scared.

The witness gave detectives a good description of the truck, which she saw speeding up and slowing down and repeatedly revving the engine, and they were able to track down the owner.

“We found him in the area, contacted the guy,” said Keith Walker, Training Coordinator for OBPD. “He says he takes it out like once a month or even longer than that, drives it around the neighborhood, does several laps and revs the engine really loud to blow the carbon out of the engine.” He denied staring at the students, but admitted he could have picked a better time to drive around the neighborhood like that.

Earlier Reporting:

Police are looking for the man involved in a suspicious incident on Friday that forced 3 students to run into a neighbor’s yard for safety.

The three students told officers that when they were dropped of at their school bus stop an old black truck drove recklessly towards them at a high rate of speed. The truck slowed down as it approached, the driver’s window was rolled down then the driver stared at them as he drove by.

The truck pulled into a driveway, did a U-turn, then sped towards them a 2nd time and again the driver slowed down and stared at the trio as he passed.

The vehicle went around the block then came at them a 3rd time and the 3 students ran into a neighbor’s yard for safety.

The neighbor told officers the truck sped off and didn’t come back.

The driver’s been described as a white man in his 40’s with very short hair, possibly a buzz cut, with facial stubble. He was driving a “beat up” black older model pickup truck, possibly a Ford, with no hood. It looked like the vehicle was spray painted and it had oversized tires and loud exhaust.

Anyone with information should call the Ormond Beach Police Department at 386-248-1774 or 386-677-0731.

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