Police Report: Accused Daytona Murderer Acted Erratically

By on December 10, 2018 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – Damon Kemp was acting erratically and talking about Africa and other things “nonsensically” when he admitted to shooting and killing an aspiring boxer who let him stay at his apartment.

That’s what the Daytona Beach Police Department says about the 19-year-old man charged with two counts of second-degree murder in an incident near Volusia Mall over the weekend.

DBPD Chief Craig Capri says it looks like Kemp shot Trey Ingraham and Jordan Paden – both also 19 years old – multiple times late Thursday night (December 6th) inside Ingraham’s apartment at Jade Park on the corner of Dunn Avenue and Jimmy Ann Drive, but police didn’t know for sure until the following night because none of the residents who heard the shots called 911.

“My officers and detectives had to do a lot of follow-up to put things together,” Capri noted the following day to reporters. “We could’ve saved a lot of time if somebody called us and told us what was going on.”

According to the just-released arrest report, DBPD personnel showed up to Jade Park around 2 a.m. Friday (December 7th) to investigate a home invasion and that’s when one of the officers first made contact with Kemp in the parking lot near Building 3.

Per the report, Kemp told the officer “[expletive] you” and ran towards him with his hands in his shirt. It was when the officer detained him that Kemp admitted to killing someone, an admission which DBPD says was caught on body camera. That video hasn’t been released publicly at this point.

Another officer found a Glock pistol in a grassy area near Building 3, one which police believe Kemp pointed at another man who lives at Jade Park after that man responded to Kemp’s knock at his front door.

That man told officers he managed to push Kemp back into the hallway after Kemp forced his way inside briefly, leading police to hold Kemp initially on an armed burglary charge before adding on the two murder counts.

The report also shows that Kemp – who is from Stone Mountain, GA – wouldn’t tell DBPD where he was living locally, but officers eventually tracked his address down to Ingraham’s apartment, discovering the bodies, shell casings and blood-covered walls inside around 7 o’clock Friday night.

Another man living at Jade Park told DBPD afterward he heard a man in a lime-green shirt – since identified as Kemp – outside his door talking to someone on a cell phone and admitting that he killed two people.

Kemp rambled when talking to DBPD, per the report, making numerous statements about Africa, including “we are blacks, Africa, Africa, Africa” and “Africa, we got to separate, we got to love each other, we got to unite”. He also told officers at one point “I love you” and asked them not to “do anything” to his father.

Ingraham’s sister told DBPD that her brother had allowed Kemp to stay in his apartment briefly to “help him out”, per the report.

Kemp’s current roommate told officers he had driven Kemp to Ingraham’s apartment just hours before the murder after Kemp became “paranoid” and started talking about someone coming to “get him”, according to the report.

Kemp also displayed erratic behavior during his first court appearance yesterday morning (December 9th), screaming “God” repeatedly while in front of the judge and the family members of the men he’s accused of shooting and killing.

He remains at Volusia County Jail after the judge denied bond.



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