Ormond Man, 62, Arrested For Stabbing A Man In The Chest Over $650 In Back Rent

By on February 6, 2018 in WNDB News

Ormond Beach, FL – The Ormond Beach Police Department  (OBPD) has arrested a 62-year-old man after he stabbed a 47-year-old man in the chest during a fight over $650 in rent.

On February 1 at around 10 PM, officers arrived at Pine Trail home after a stabbing was reported. Upon arrival, officers noticed Jeffery Lendway, 47, sitting in a lawn chair in the front of the house grabbing his bleeding chest. Lendway and several witnesses informed police that the perpetrator was still in the home.

When police made entry into the home, they saw a trail of blood leading to where Michael Brock, 62, was standing. Brock was then taken into custody in the back of a patrol car. Police reports indicate that Brock spontaneously uttered “I am sick of being beat up” and “I did not want to do it, but I had to.”

According to the incident report, Brock had been lying on a bed in the family room when Lendway came home and asked Brock about him owing money to his mother. Lendway’s mother said Brock owed her $650 in back rent but that she was ok with him paying her $560. She told police that earlier that day Brock told Lendway that he only needed to pay her $100.

Lendway was angry about the lying and his mother reported that he slapped Brock across the face and called him a liar. Brock then went after Lendway with a knife and ultimately stabbed him. Another resident at the home said he saw Lendway leaning over and slapping Brock while he was on the bed. He saw Lendway back up and say that he had a knife wound to the chest and that he saw Brock with a knife in his hand.

Brock told the police that Lendway often comes into his room and hits him while he sleeps. He said he grabbed the knife and stabbed Lendway but did not know how deep he stabbed. Police indicate that Brock said he made sure not to stab Lendway in the heart.

Lendway was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after he identified Brock as the man who stabbed him. An investigation revealed Brock used an eight-inch kitchen knife to stab Lendway. According to police, there was dried blood down the entire length of the knife indicating that Brock probably stabbed the entire knife into Lendway. Brock was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

(Brock mugshot courtesy of Volusia County Corrections)

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