Man Arrested After Stalking His Probation Officer

By on October 18, 2018 in WNDB News

DeLand, FL – A man is arrested by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office after he was caught stalking his probation officer.

28-year-old Zachary Sievert was arrested by VCSO on Monday (October 15th) and was charged with aggravated stalking after he was found to have been stalking his probation officer.

According to the report, it all started around 2 a.m. on February 3rd. Sievert flagged down a DeLand police officer at North Florida Avenue and West Indiana Avenue, saying that he wanted an officer to ensure two girls who knew got home safely, as they both had been drinking.

Sievert further explained that one of the females had kids and he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

When asked why they wouldn’t get a ride home with Sievert, he told the officer that they didn’t want to ride with him.

Sievert explained then that one of the females was his probation officer. Officers then advised they’d go make contact with them.

Later that night, DeLand police would make contact with his probation officer at the Blind Pig Pub. She was informed of what Sievert had said, replying that she had no knowledge of him trying to give her a ride. She also told police she did not tell him where she was and she had no idea how he would know where she was.

A few months later on July 25th, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office responded to a harassing phone call complaint. The person who made the report was Sievert’s probation officer.

According to the narrative she gave to VCSO, after Sievert’s probation ended the two began to hang out and engage in sexual relations sometime in April. She explained that they were not dating nor did they ever date at any point, or even live together. It was during that time that Sieverts had made threats to her over the phone, including threatening to choke and punch her or burn down her house with her and her kids inside.

Just a few days before, Sievert also told her that he would bring plastic wrap to her house so he could cut her up into little pieces. It’s also believed that Sievert had slashed her tires before.

She told deputies that she saw an “up and down” personality in Sievert. She elaborated saying that he would make these threats and demean her, but a short time later he would minimize them or apologize for it.

According to deputies, Sievert called her 63 times as of July 25th.

Deputies then asked her to call Sievert so they could speak to him. On the phone, deputies told Sievert to cease all contact with her, and if he did not he would face criminal charges. He told them he planned to do so anyway.

However, just two days later, his probation officer made contact with VCSO again, said Sievert started to contact her again.

After completing another statement, she made a restraining order against Sievert.

Last Wednesday (October 10th), VCSO responded to 1120 Airport Terminal Drive in DeLand regarding a restraining order violation. It’s there where deputies made contact with Sievert’s probation officer again.

She told them that she had finally got the injunction against Sievert on August 8th. Since then she said she had received 24 messages from Sievert, the most recent coming on October 3rd. Sievert also apparently made an unknown amount of phone calls, leaving voicemails which led her to identify Sieverts.

Even though she ended up blocking Sievert’s number, he continued to call.

On Sunday (October 14th), Sievert began to contact her again from the blocked number, sending a total of 47 calls. He then began to call again on Monday (October 15th), another 17 times, totaling 64 calls in October, a grand total of 127 calls since July.

She eventually relented and unblocked Sievert’s number, hoping that the calls would end as text messages are easier to deal with.

Later that night, she received the following text from Sievert:

“Hope neither of your boys find a women like you. Find happiness sweetheart and be someone your kids can look up to. You know you can do it. I get that you enjoy sex, who doesn’t but with multiple people, sometimes all at once. That’s stripper or porn stuff and think of what kind of that chick is… don’t let that be you. Obviously you like getting the train ran on you but damn. If you’re doing all of this to make me jealous… you get an a for effort. That’s NASTY! Your thug friends don’t give a [EXPLETIVE] about you like it cause they can get theirs but if you wanna make me jealous… do right for a guy and be a grown lady, not a slut. That will work better than what you’re doing. Be safe gorgeous. You’re [EXPLETIVE] crazy and I love it lol. I thought I was cray, you got me beat 😉 love you girl. Do better. Be better.”

Deputies responded to Sievert’s last known address on Grand Avenue in DeLand, where they eventually took him into custody.

Sievert was charged with aggravated stalking and was given no bond.


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