Firefighter For Kids Helps Low-Income Schools Pay For School Supplies

By on April 27, 2017 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – Contrary to earlier reporting from News Daytona Beach and other sources, the man dressed as a firefighter soliciting in neighborhoods is not a fake – he is a real firefighter and he is the founder of a very real non-profit that helps children pay for school supplies.

While it’s true that fire departments don’t solicit door-to-door, firefighters are free to do so as long as they don’t wear or bring gear from their department. Ricky Francois, the founder of Firefighter for Kids Corporation (a 501C3 non-profit organization), follows that rule. He bought the gear he’s frequently seen wearing back when he was still in school, and when he’s soliciting for his charity he never wears anything associated with the fire department he currently works for. Out of respect for his employer, Francois asked that the department he works for not be named.

His charity, Firefighter for Kids Corporation, is a 501C3 non-profit organization based in FL with a focus on the well-being and education of children. The organization helps students pay for school supplies, mainly at Title 1 Schools.

A Title 1 school is a school with a high number of children from low-income families. To learn more about Title 1 schools, go to

Francois said he will be at the Daytona 100 on Saturday, April 29th, representing Firefighter for Kids, so if you’re going keep an eye out for him.

To learn more about the non-profit, and to donate, go to Francois takes no salary from the non-profit and 100% of proceeds go towards buying school supplies for students.

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