FAA: Laser That Blinded Pilot Came From Volusia

By on May 23, 2019 in WNDB News
WestJet Boeing 737-800

Deltona, FL – The Federal Aviation Administration says a green laser that burned a pilot’s eye mid-flight originated from Volusia County.

According to an email from Kathleen Bergen, spokesperson for the FAA, a WestJet flight was en route to Orlando International Airport from Newfoundland on Saturday (May 18th).

Close to 10 p.m., when the flight was just 25 miles from OIA, the first officer sustained an eye injury after a green laser illuminated the aircraft.

The plane landed safely in Orlando not long after the incident, the pilot is now on medical leave.

Morgan Bell, a spokesperson for WestJet, said in an email that when pilots report laser strikes they’re required to undergo ophthalmology evaluation for health and safety reasons.

Under FAA regulations, WestJet cannot disclose any further details regarding the pilot.

Following the incident, the FAA notified the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, saying that they believe the laser originated from an address in Deltona.

VCSO reported that deputies investigated a home off of North Covington Drive, which is where the laser possibly came from, according to the FAA.

There they met with a resident, a woman, who said she had no knowledge of the incident and she didn’t own any laser pointers.

Deputies say the woman appeared confused and seemed to not know anything as it looks like she had just woken up prior to their arrival.

They met with all other occupants of the home, who said they also did not own laser pointers and did not know anything about the incident.

According to VCSO’s report, the WestJet pilots could not see exactly where the laser came from, but after the attack they noticed a green light near the house on North Covington.

But, VCSO noticed that the property does have a bright green porch light.

VCSO then reported their findings to the FAA and closed their part of the case.

The FAA, however, is still investigating the incident.


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