Daytona PD: Man Records Self Raping & Abusing His Partner

By on September 7, 2018 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – A man who has allegedly been physically and verbally abusive to his domestic partner for years is arrested after he bounds and gags her just before he records himself raping her.

Daytona police say they were dispatched to the home of 38-year-old Luis Camacho’s 31-year-old domestic partner around 9 o’clock Tuesday morning in response to a domestic disturbance and sexual battery.

His partner began by telling police that her and Camacho have two children in common and have been together for nine years and that her oldest child is not Camacho’s biological son.

She said over the years of their relationship, Camacho has been verbally and physically abusive to her, including throwing objects at her. She had moved to a different home after being evicted from her previous home.

The victim then went on to tell police that she had “reached a breaking point” that day after years of mental and physical abuse. She says that Camacho had hacked her social media and became possessive and controlling.

The altercation in question started after she says she was talking to a male friend via social media messages that night, discussing ways that he could help her leave Camacho. Later that night, Camacho grabbed her phone and looked through her messages, finding her messages with her friend.

She tells police that’s when Camacho became aggressive and tied her hands together with a soft brown belt and gagged her with a red bandana, that’s when, per the report, Camacho told her “you want to act like a whore, I’ll treat you like one.”

Camacho then penetrated her forcefully and began to record the incident, despite her yelling “stop it hurts” through the entire event. According to the report, Camacho had plans to upload the footage online and send it to her male friend.

The victim says during the incident, one of the children woke up and was aware of what was happening.

She states once it was over, she went to the bathroom and found she was bleeding. After that, she says Camacho threw a plastic bottle at her and began to verbally abuse her again.

Per the report, she also states that she was in another incident with Camacho a couple of weeks ago in the same location when he placed a pillow over her head and tried to suffocate her. She says all three children witnessed this incident and tried to get Camacho off of her. When the children tried to get Camacho off of her, he tried to strike them. She instead got between them and took the hit.

The morning after the rape, she left to take the kids to the bus stop, it was during that time she made contact with the police.

Camacho was located and arrested just before 10:30 that morning by Daytona Beach police at the JC Penny’s in the Volusia Mall.

He’s currently being held at Volusia County Jail without bond for battery, sexual battery, and false imprisonment.


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