VSO Dispatcher Suspended After Making False Social Media Post


Daytona Beach, FL - A Volusia Sheriff's Office dispatcher is serving a 30-day suspension for the month of August. Internal Affairs investigators say 55-year-old Jeanne Meyers, according to the Supervisor's inquiry, made a Facebook post in reference to being quarantined due to being sick. In the April 1, 2020, post, she wrote that she had been infected at work.  The post stated:

"Not gonna LIE or sugar or sugar coat...KNOWING I'm quarantined till April 11 and NOT ONE co worker reaching TODAY SUCKS...i WAS infected at WORK...BLESSED and KNOW LOVED THOSE i LOVE MOST...MATTER MOST. N'uff said."

Meyers' supervisor saw the post and questioned her about being infected at work. The supervisor asked Meyers to forward her a copy of the original post.  What she received was not exactly the same:

"Not gonna lie ... Being home quarantine 2 weeks making me feel useless and totally defeated... Glad to KNOW LOVED.      Those who've reached out and LOVE me  AS IS...THANK YOU.    KNOW BLESSED ... always FAITHFUL... These guys... SO comforting."

When the supervisor questioned her, saying that the original post said Meyers was in quarantine and got sick at Central, Meyers responded:

NOPE...I sent YOU exactly what I posted"

Meyers was off work from March 29 through April 11. She told investigators that she started feeling ill on the 28th and contacted Cigna Telehealth who told her that she likely had the flu. She was provided with a note to be excused from work through MD Live.

The investigation into Meyers conduct was initiated on April 20 and presented to Sheriff Mike Chitwood and his command staff. After review, he determined that five of the six violations of the Volusia County Merit System Rules and Regulations were sustained.

(9) Any conduct, on or off duty, that interferes with effective job performance or has an adverse effect on the county - Sustained

(14) Any conduct, on or off duty, that reflects unfavorably on the county as an employer - Sustained            

(22) Any other conduct or action of such seriousness that disciplinary action is considered warranted - Sustained 

26.2.106 Veracity- Untruthfulness - Employees shall not knowingly make false or untrue statements except as authorized in the performance of duties and as necessary to maintain covert operations during investigation of criminal activities - Not Sustained         

26.2.134 Knowledge of Official Directives - VSO personnel are required to possess a sound working knowledge of the policies and procedures established by the Standards Directives. - Sustained

26.2.135 Knowledge of Official Directives - Frequent, or repeated violation of these policies, procedures and Directives shall be deemed as indicative of careless disregard by the employee  - Sustained    

Meyers received the notice of intent to suspend on June 30, 2020. On July 6, 2020, Sheriff Chitwood was informed by an attorney through written correspondence, offering Meyers mitigating circumstances. She was served with a Final suspension notice on July 31, 2020.



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