VCSB To Consider Increasing Safety & Security


DeLand, FL - In an effort to provide more law enforcement resources for school safety and security, the Volusia County School Board will consider a plan that would utilize current employees of the Safety and Security Department who are already certified law enforcement officers.  The plan does not include hiring additional employees.

Approval of the plan would give the Volusia County Schools district the authority to have sworn officers as part of the existing Safety and Security Department. Director of Safety and Security Michelle Newman and five other certified law enforcement officers already employed as VCS school guardians, would serve as sworn officers.

Chief Newman said they will have direct access to computer-aided dispatch communications to run background checks and license plates to assist in school-based investigations. They will also have law enforcement authority at scenes of incidents and when doing well-being checks, reducing the need for resources from local law enforcement partners.

Funding for the plan would come through the existing safe school grant received from the state for the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program. Additional costs would be minimal  and no new facilities would be required. Additional costs would be limited to vehicles and laptops equipped with CAD communications.

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