Seabreeze Student Arrested For Shooting Threat


Daytona Beach, FL - A 15-year-old Seabreeze High School Student is under arrest after he made shooting threats on a popular messaging platform.

Last Thursday (August 15th), an agent with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force told investigators with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office that they were given an after-hours tip about a school shooting threat.

The agent said that the report came from an anonymous tipster on the Discord messaging platform. They said that the incident came up during a gaming discussion.

According to the tipster, the subject, who was using the screen name "FalconWarrior920," was marking remarks about other users opinions on him shooting up his school.

The FBI was given an IP address for FalconWarrior920, which was tracked back to the Ormond Beach area. A possible name of "Dalton Barnhart" was also provided by the tipster, as it was associated with the account's discussions.

VCSO and the FBI began to check if the IP address and the name Dalton Barnhart correlated, but they had no matching records. The name came back to a male in South Florida and the IP address and geolocations provided showed the IP coming from the Ormond area near the Trails Shopping Center.

The FBI then began to work with Spectrum/Charter Communications, who provided investigators with the address of the registered IP, which was tracked back to a Grove Avenue address in Holly Hill.

Around one o'clock the next morning (August 16th), two agents with the FBI responded to the house and made contact with the occupants, which were a mother and her son, 15-year-old Adam Guzzetti.

As the agents spoke with both of them, Guzzetti admitted that he was on Discord and he did make comments about shooting up his school, but further stated that he was joking.

He told agents that he was the one who uses the username FalconWarrior920 and that he made up the name Dalton Barnhart by using a mixture of names.

Later that morning, the FBI informed VCSO about what happened. The Sheriff's Office in turn notified the School Resource Officer at Guzzetti's school, Seabreeze High School. The SRO called Guzzetti's mother and told her to keep him home until the school can figure out the proper discipline to utilize.

The FBI also provided the chat logs regarding the incident. The report shows that the message in question was from the FalconWarrior920 username, which said "I Dalton Barnhart vow to bring my fathers m15 to school and kill 7 people at a minimum."

After posting the message, the username was banned from the Discord server by an administrator.

According to VCSO, based on the information and statements made by Guzzetti, there is probable cause to charge him with threat to discharge a destructive device.



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