School Supplies Tax Holiday in Effect Through August 7th


Monday marks the start of a sales tax holiday on back to school items that continues through August 7th. Parents and guardians can use this opportunity to shop for all the essentials their kids will need for the upcoming school year, free of state sales tax.

The items you’ll be able to get without tax are learning aids and puzzles under $30, almost all school supplies under $50, clothing and shoes under $100, and computers sold for personal use that are under $1,500.

A wide variety of clothing will be tax-free for the designated period, including school uniforms, gym clothes, and jackets. Even a few less obvious picks were included on the state's list, such as fanny packs, fishing vests, bowling shoes, and lingerie.

Where school supplies are concerned, materials like binders, calculators, crayons, writing utensils, and construction paper will be exempt. Books will still be taxed items, as will computer paper and certain kinds of tape.

On the computer side, tax-free items include the computers themselves, blank CDs, keyboards, printer supplies, tablets, and web cameras. Still taxed will be projectors, computer bags, music players, and gaming consoles.

Full lists of what's exempt and not are available here.