Palm Coast, Waste Pro Squaring Off Over Reclaimed Recycling Bins


PALM COAST, Fla. - The Palm Coast city government is preparing potential legal action against Waste Pro, its outgoing waste contractor, for recycling bins they say the company is stealing from residents. The bins were distributed to residents under the presumption that they’d be the residents’ property, and not an item on loan. FlaglerLive first reported on the developing conflict.

The city government is alleging that Waste Pro is violating city code by reclaiming recycling bins without the express permission of the city. Waste Pro is entering the final days of its contract as the city’s waste removal provider, and has already begun picking up bins off residents’ driveways.

In addition to threatening legal action, the city is also issuing $125 fines for each bin Waste Pro scoops up. City spokespeople have confirmed that a lawsuit against the company is a possibility in the near future, and is presently being discussed. It would a new large legal battle for the city, who are already in the midst of recovering funds and capital from the company that mal-constructed its once-celebrated Holland Park splash pad.

The decision by the city to move away from Waste Pro, its decade-plus waste disposal provider, was the subject of controversy and dispute when it was made in July 2022. FCC Environmental will be taking over in the coming days, beginning a seven-year contract worth $32 million.