NSB City Manager To Leave Position

Pam Brangaccio
(courtesy of City of New Smyrna Beach)

New Smyrna Beach, FL - New Smyrna Beach City Manager Pam Brangaccio and the city government are separating on good terms after tonight's (May 14) City Commission meeting. Brangaccio has been taking care of her husband, who is seriously ill, intermittently under the Family Medical Leave Act since last fall.

The Separation Agreement and Release notes that Brangaccio has significant time remaining to use FMLA but in order to provide a smooth transition for the City, she has decided to separate from her official capacity as City Manager. You can see the complete details with this story at NewsDaytonaBeach.com

Some of the details include Brangaccio staying on the City's payroll and being available for consultation as required by her replacement through October 4, 2019. Her employment would effectively end on that date. Also on that date, Brangaccio would receive six months salary at her currect rate and one year's personal leave, which is equal to 252 hours at $70.99 hourly, for a lump sum payment of $17,889.48.

Other items addressed in the agreement include health insurance, pension contributions, waiver of claims, attorney fees, times of payment and idemnification.

The agreement was signed by Mayor Russ Owen, attested to by City Clerk Johnny Bledsoe, approved to as form and legality by City Attorney Carrie Avallone and City Manager Pam Brangaccio.


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