No Charges Against Spruce Creek Football Players Accused Of Rape


New Smyrna Beach, FL - A former athletic trainer with Spruce Creek High School accuses a group of football players of drugging and raping her. The players, however, say it was consensual.

What police know is that the female staff has sex at her home with possibly four members of the school's team,

According to the incident report, she states that she was visited by four Spruce Creek football players, who came to her residence to say goodbye before she left town for summer vacation on May 30th.

She stated that she smoked marijuana and drank whiskey with the four males, before excusing herself to the bedroom after finishing her drink so she could change.

The trainer then says that one of the players then followed her into her room and began to kiss her. She says she began blacking out and doesn't remember the incident. However, she says she remembers multiple males penetrating her vaginally and orally, taking their turns. She also believes all four males participated, but she's unsure if they all penetrated her.

She reported the incident to the police two days after the encounter (June 1st). Four days later (June 5th) she would resign from her job at Spruce Creek High School.

The four players, ages ranging from 17 to 18, said that it was not rape, and the sex was consensual.

One of the players said that on the night of the incident, she was flashing her breasts to the players on FaceTime, asking them to come over.

Another player stated that in the past, she called him cute and asked him to take off his shirt.

The players also said that to their knowledge, no one put any substance in her drink.

After the police completed a rape kit, they contacted the former trainer and said no drugs were identified in the blood sample, but a drug known as cyclobenzaprine was found in the urine sample. She then clarified that it's part of a prescribed muscle relaxer she takes for an unrelated back injury.

They then confirmed with her that they did not have any probable cause or the elements of a crime to charge the players with rape.

A mother of one of the players says they want to pursue criminal charges against her for providing alcohol to their underage son, while the others say they do not wish to press charges.

Photo courtesy of Spruce Creek High School.


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