Meth Smoking Bunnell Man Pulls Gun On Roommate's Dog


Bunnell, FL - A 36-year-old Bunnell man told Flagler County Sheriff's deputies that he stole his roommate's gun and pointed it at his dog because he was paranoid from smoking meth. Donald Threadgill faces two felony charges in connection with the incident.

Deputies were dispatched to 5244 Tangerine Avenue this past Wednesday (July 17) afternoon to check out a reported disturbance. Deputies made contact with Threadgill and commanded him to raise his hands and then place them on an unmarked patrol car. Threadgill complained that his right arm was hurting because he'd been struck by a golf club. Fire Rescue gave him an ice pack for his injury.

Threadgill told deputies he had been at a nearby residential pool house doing methamphetamine when he started feeling paranoid and felt like someone was going to jump him. He went back home where he got into an altercation with his 55-year-old roommate, David Burley. Burley said that Threadgill demanded his gun, which was between the couch cushions he was sitting on. The men wrestled for the gun which is when Threadgill bit Burley on the arm and managed to get the gun.

Burley said he got scared, grabbed a golf club and ran out of the house. While Burley was outside, Threadgill approached him with the gun. Burley said he hit Threadgill with the golf club to keep him from shooting him. Burley dropped the golf club which is when Threadgill jumped on him and punched him in the face. Burley said Threadgill slammed him to the ground and tried to bite him on the neck. After that, Burley said Threadgill put him in a sleeper hold and knocked him unconscious.

When Burley talked to deputies, he said during the initial confrontation, Threadgill pointed the gun at his dog and pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire. Threadgill then pointed the gun at him, which is when he ran out the door. Burley said he does not keep the gun loaded but could not remember if the magazine had any bullets in it. A search of the area with a K-9 officer found the golf club but did not locate the gun.

Threadgill was arrested, transported to AdventHealth for x-rays and medical clearance, then taken to the Flagler County Jail where he remains in custody on a $21,500 bond. He's charged with Felony Robbery and Aggravated Assault. He also has a misdemeanor charge of Simple Battery.


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