Florida AG Ashley Moody Seeks to Kill Recreational Marijuana Initiative


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Ashley Moody, Florida's Attorney General, is working to ensure recreational marijuana is not legalized in Florida in next year's elections. Moody is urging the Florida Supreme Court to strike down a proposed amendment to the state constitution which would legalize pot for users 21 and older.

Moody's rationale for the efforts claims that the amendment is 'misleading to voters', because it would legalize marijuana at the state level despite it remaining illegal at the federal level.

Multiple U.S. states have legalized recreational marijuana in spite of federal prohibition, but the Department of Justice in 2013 instructed federal prosecutors not to pursue pot possession charges in most circumstances.

Moody also claimed that the Florida Department of Health would not be able to prepare for its new regulatory responsibilities by the time the amendment took effect if passed, leading to unlicensed marijuana distributors for an indefinite interim period.

"The Adult Personal Use of Marijuana amendment asks voters to make consequential changes to Florida’s Constitution yet is not honest with them about what those changes would be," her office said in a brief to the Florida Supreme Court. "The initiative should be stricken."

Moody's views on recreational marijuana appear to be consistent with those of Governor Ron DeSantis, who said at a recent presidential campaign stop that he believes the country does not need more drug users. “I think that we have we have too many people using using drugs in this country right now," he said.