Flagler's Bull Creek Hit with Harmful Blue-Green Algae Bloom


Officials with the Flagler County branch of the Florida Department of Health are advising a harmful blue-green algae has been detected in waters near the Bull Creek Campground in west Flagler County. Residents are advised to take caution in the area, and avoid the affected waters.

“The Florida Department of Health-Flagler does a great job keeping us apprised of the situation when something like this happens, as well as issuing releases and putting up signage,” said County Administrator Heidi Petito on the issue. “They will continue to take water samples and will not remove the signage until the bloom is no longer a threat.”

Residents and visitors are advised to avoid all direct contact with the water, including drinking, swimming, wading, using personal watercraft, skiing, or boating. Those who have had contact are advised to wash their skin and clothing thoroughly with soap and water. Pets are advised to be kept away from the area and not be given water from the area to drink or wash with. Cooking and cleaning with the waters is strictly discouraged, as is eating shellfish originating from them. Fish filets are considered to be safe, as long as they're rinsed with tap or bottled water.

Health risks from blue-green algae include most prominently an increased risk of ALS, according to Taylor & Francis.