Edgewater Residents Working For Council Member Recall


Edgewater, FL - Some residents of Edgewater are saying that a few members of the city council are not working on their behalf. They are going through the process to get a recall election on the 2020 ballot. One of the residents, Libby Lavette, said they began with bringing Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis to the Edgewater Public Library last month.

Lavette said Lewis explained the process of what a recall position would be like and how they could utilize the process to remove the Council members. Lavette went on to say that there are numerous reasons for a recall election, especially when it comes to Mayor Mike Thomas, but that there are also one or two members of the city council that might be on the recall list. Causes for a recall, according to Lavette, include malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty and numerous other offenses.

The decision was made to try to get the recall on the November 2020 ballot rather than working on a Special Election. Lavette said more people will vote in a general election over a special election and it will save taxpayer money to have the recall on the general election ballot. She said doing the math, if signature collection begins in the spring, they can meet the deadline to get it on the November 2020 ballot.

Lavette said the extra time gives the residents more time to make sure they get everything right. She said she feels certain of support for the recall, especially with a recent decision to develop a marina and now with what City Council is talking about doing with the property where City Hall sits and George R. Kennedy Memorial Park. Lavette said it seems the City has a vision that may not be in line with what the citizens want.

Lewis will be back in Edgewater in January, according to Lavette, to give information to the residents to help them go forward with their plan.



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