Edgewater City Council Member Arrested For Hitting Estranged Husband


Edgewater, FL - The newest member of the Edgewater City Council is now behind bars on a misdemeanor battery charge after an argument with her estranged husband allegedly got physical.

31-year-old Megan A. O'Keefe - who was appointed to the ECC last month to fill the remainder of Dan Blazi's term for District 3 - is held without bond at Volusia County Jail as of this afternoon (September 13th).

Prior to that, O'Keefe had automatically won that seat because she was the only candidate who filed to run in that race this year. Blazi resigned in August after announcing that he was moving out of the area.

The Edgewater Police Department was called to her estranged husband's home around 7:30 p.m. yesterday after he made this 911 call.

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According to the arrest report, he and O'Keefe are in the process of getting a divorce.

The report also notes that the argument started in the driveway of his property when she had come to drop off their three daughters from an open house at their school.

Per the report, he called O'Keefe a "dirty whore" because she was seeing someone else, at which point she told him "you don't mean that", got out of her vehicle and grabbed his right wrist.

He claims she scratched his wrist when he pulled it away from her and that she also hit his chest, causing what the responding officer wrote was a "large red mark".

O'Keefe's estranged husband also admitted to throwing a plastic bag with "miscellaneous items" inside into her truck before she got back inside, a bag which was in his hand during the argument and which had also hit the passenger door on the way in, per the report.

The EPD officer at the scene mentioned that O'Keefe was texting her estranged husband while he was talking to police, claiming he hit her in the neck with a bag of crayons and that she should talk to the police about what happened.

When questioned later that night at a gas station in Port Orange, O'Keefe said that her estranged husband started asking her questions about who she was "hanging out with" and that he got upset and threw the bag of crayons at her after she agreed to his request to let him search her phone messages.

The report also shows her telling EPD the argument never got physical other than him throwing the bag at her and that she didn't call police because she didn't want him to go to jail. She also admitted that her position on the ECC and his position as a city employee played a role in her decision not to request law enforcement.

The officer noted that he didn't see any red marks on O'Keefe's neck when he spoke to her but she did provide photos showing "slight redness" on the right side of her neck which she says she took with her phone soon after the incident.

O'Keefe also claimed she was sitting in her truck when he threw the bag at her, per the report.

O'Keefe was arrested after the officer determined she was the primary aggressor and the facts were more consistent with his side of the story instead of hers.


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