DeBary Woman Distracted & Robbed By Fake Tree Trimmers


DeBary, FL - Volusia Sheriff's deputies say a DeBary woman's home was robbed of more than $20,000 in jewelry on Labor Day. Deputies responded to a home on Seminole Drive just after 5 p.m. on September 2.

The victim told deputies that she was on her porch when two men, one older and the other a middle-aged Hispanic, pulled up in a dark-colored truck. She said the older man asked if she remembered him and that he had trimmed her trees a few years before.

The victim told the man she did not recognize him. He told her that the other man would show her what trees needed to be trimmed and walked away. The victim thought he walked towards the truck. He then came back and asked her about a safe in the garage area. She told him that it held collectibles. The older man than pulled a $100 bill out and asked the victim for change, which she did not have.

It's unclear when the two men left the residence but the victim called her son and told him what had happened. When the son got home, they discovered that their belongings had been gone through. The woman could not find one of her credit cards and immediately canceled it.

The victim's son reported that the following items were missing from his bedroom: 1. a Tecori ring with a heart-shaped 1.2ct diamond (valued at
19 $4,547) 2. a 1ct diamond 14k ring (valued at $10,000) 3. a Puerto Rican flag ring with diamonds (valued at $6,342.39) 4. a round ring with 20 diamond with a 14k gold chain 5. a Hercules coin with diamonds around it 6. 14k ring with four diamonds 7. Vikings Ring 8. a $10 gold coin with
21 14k gold chain 9. three 14k gold chains 10. silver chains 11. and a ruby ring with diamonds.

Both the woman and her son will press charges, if and when the men are arrested. At this time, the description of the man is one is older, the other is a middle-aged Hispanic and they were driving a truck.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood reminds you to be on your guard against people coming to your home and asking if they can do yard work or construction unsolicited.

If you're hiring someone to do work on or around your home, use these resources to avoid getting scammed!

At, you can verify your contractor is licensed by the state of Florida. and are good resources to do your homework on handyman services and work that doesn't require a state license.

And anytime someone comes to your door offering services you didn't ask for, don't hesitate to call VCSO right away.

Scam artists will pose as utility workers, handymen, tree trimmers, pressure washers, and even charity volunteers. They can be really convincing, and they've been active in Volusia County recently.

Unfortunately, those thieves give legitimate workers a bad name.

But the good, honest workers out there won't have their feelings hurt if you're skeptical. Don't fall victim to the next scam - be a skeptic and do your homework!



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