Daytona State College Sets Date To Break Ground On New $36.2M Project

Daytona Beach, FL – Daytona State College (DSC) has set a date to break ground on their newest project: a 3-story, 84,000 square-foot Student and Workforce Transition Center estimated to cost $36.2 million. On May 4 at 10 AM, a ground-breaking ceremony will take place on the south side of the Daytona Beach Campus, 1200 W. International Speedway Blvd. The ceremony location is where the Bergengren Hall building used to be but has since been torn down to accommodate the new building. “We’re thrilled to get this facility underway,” says Tom LoBasso, DSC President. “Students will gravitate to this building, which will become the focal point of the campus and an iconic structure on International Speedway Boulevard. It will be a center for student engagement with peers, faculty and college personnel, which research shows is key to academic success and degree completion.” The new building will be modern in both form and function. It will be built using green materials that are environmentally-friendly and efficient. The exterior will be coquina and will feature a bronze entryway at the southeast entrance.

(Image courtesy of Daytona State College)

The library, Writing Center, and the bulk of student life at DSC will be housed in the new building. This includes classrooms, club office spaces, conference rooms, game rooms, event spaces, cafeteria, coffee shop, study spaces and an outdoor eating area. The Workforce Transition Center in the new building will be able to assist students seeking help through counselors, to talk about careers, job openings, internships, creating resumes, practice interviews and learning how to act and dress in the workplace. Student Life Skills classes, an Associate’s degree requirement, will also be held in the new facility. Career Services, the current place to find help regarding jobs at DSC, has already helped 7,500 students in 2016 and has grown its outreach 80% in the last 2 years. The current library serves about 200 people a day and in a year, 300,000 online resources are utilized, 12,000 books are checked out and 4,000 questions are asked to librarians. The Writing Center has 5,600 appointments made, 5,300 visits, and 4,300 visits to the special learning space, the Attic, all in one year. The project, designed by Ikon.5 architects from Princeton, N.J. and managed by Perry-McCall Construction Inc. in Jacksonville, is expected to debut in spring 2019. A live stream of the progress will be available daily here. Copyright Southern Stone Communications 2017.