Daytona Man Arrested For Stabbing Alleged Rapist


Daytona Beach, FL - A 22-year-old Daytona Beach man is out on $5,000 bond after telling police and emergency dispatchers that he stabbed his would-be rapist in the chest with a kitchen knife.

Treshawn I. Lovett left Volusia County Jail within 24 hours of his arrest for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon around 12:30 p.m. yesterday (August 6th), according to VCJ records.

The Daytona Beach Police Department says a frantic 911 call a few minutes earlier sent officers to a unit at Indigo Plantation on Powell Boulevard. That caller told dispatchers that he stabbed a man who tried to rape him and that the alleged rapist told him he had a gun.

First responders spotted Lovett coming down the stairs of the apartment complex with his clothes "covered in blood" and a bloody knife in his right hand, with him telling those officers a similar story after he got down on the ground on the officers' orders, per the report.

The story took a turn when officers tried to force their way inside the apartment where Lovett told them the would-be rapist was.

The report shows kicks to the locked front door by police were not successful, but once the door was unlocked from the inside, officers found a naked man covered in blood and feces with a puncture wound to his chest who had just collapsed to the floor, presumably after he had disengaged the deadbolt.

While struggling to maintain consciousness, that man - not identified in the report - told officers he had spotted Lovett walking near his job on Airport Road just before the attack and offered him a ride to avoid the rain. Both men then went to the apartment on Powell to get the unidentified man's wallet and that's when Lovett reportedly stabbed that man, telling him he was going to tell the cops that he tried to rape Lovett.

The report quotes the victim saying that Lovett told him that "Im gunna tell em you tried to rape me so I can kill you" (actual spelling as found in the report) and that "I gotta kill you tonight".

The man who was stabbed was rushed to Halifax Health Medical Center by paramedics. His condition is stable at this time, according to DBPD spokesperson Lyda Longa.

No motive was mentioned in the report for the attack.

VCJ records show Lovett has been booked there six other times since November 2014, including this past April on a battery charge. He's also been arrested in the past in Volusia on charges of grand theft, felony retail theft, petit theft, marijuana possession, no valid driver's license and trespassing.