Convicted Felon Captured During Traffic Stop


Daytona Beach, FL - Antonio Gearing, who walked out of the S. James Foxman Justice Center on July 16, is now in the Volusia County Jail. He was arrested by a Daytona Beach Police officer during a traffic stop early this morning (August 16).

The officer, in a marked patrol car, pulled over a red Mercedes with the license plate obscured at about 12:39 a.m. After relaying the tag to dispatch, the officer learned that the registration was expired and actually belonged to a white Mercedes. Another red flag was the yellow sticker on the license plate, which showed an expiration date of June 2023.

The driver of the vehicle, Azella Luckey, was driving on an expired license. As the officer was speaking to Luckey, he noticed movement in the back seat of the car. He could see an unidentified black male trying to conceal himself. The officer asked Luckey to put down the rear windows. She told him they did not work properly.

The officer moved to the rear of the car and asked the man in the back seat to identify himself. He said his name was "Jerome J. Walker" with a date of birth of 05/16/1990. Identification verification came back with no record found. The officer asked the man for his real name, he replied Antonio Gearing. When asked why he lied, Gearing said he was scared and had an open warrant.

Gearing now adds a misdemeanor charge of giving a false name while being detained to the felony charge he's been convicted of, robbery with a firearm. He is being held on no bond.



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