Cockfighting Pit Found During Narcotics Investigation

Jose Rodriguez-Quinones and some of the chickens found during VCSO's investigation
(Volusia County Sheriff's Office)

Orange City, FL - A narcotics search warrant served by Volusia County Sheriff's detectives this morning resulted in the discovery of what appears to be a breeding and training ground used for cockfighting.

Three people were at the home located at 1370 Park Avenue but only one was arrested. 47-year-old Jose Rodriguez-Quinones was found in his bedroom. He stated there were no illegal narcotics but he advised that there was a .22 caliber rifle hidden behind his bed. Rodriguez-Quinones is a convicted felon.

When detectives searched Rodriguez-Quinones bedroom. Besides the rifle, detectives found a box of .22 cartridges, two magazines with .380 cartridges, 52 one-gram cannabis cartridges, miscellaneous drug paraphernalia and $3,240 in cash in a shirt pocket. Miscellaneous chicken fighting paraphernalia was recovered in the chicken coop and yard.

When questioned about the found items, Rodriguez-Quinones told detectives he received one ounce of cannabis each week for personal consumption. He did not want to reveal the source.

As for the chickens, Rodriguez-Quinones said he buys them to breed, shape and sell to people who use them for cockfighting. When told they were being seized, Rodriguez-Quinones stated he would just buy more.

Rodriguez-Quinones is charged with animal fighting (bond: $10,000), possession of an animal fighting pen and paraphernalia (bond: $10,000), owning property to manage and operate animal fighting (bond: $10,000), possession of cannabis oil with intent to sell (bond: $10,000), possession of a weapon by convicted felon (bond: $25,000), possession of ammunition by convicted felon (bond: $10,000), possession of cannabis (bond: $500) and possession of drug paraphernalia (bond: $500), for a total bond of $76,000.

The other two people, a man and a woman, were questioned and read their Miranda Rights. The man admitted to seven grams of marijuana in his room. He was charged with possession of cannabis and paraphernalia but not arrested. A charging affidavit was filed. The woman is not charged.



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