Attempted Burglary Foiled At Daytona Spy Shop

Daytona Spy Shop Owner Rick Raymond with Jennifer Deschamps & two would-be burglars attempting to break into Raymond's store.
(News Daytona Beach)

Daytona Beach, FL - Two would-be burglars were stopped in their tracks after they couldn't break through the front window of a local spy shop.

According to Rick Raymond, owner of the Daytona Spy Shop and Rick Raymond Investigations, he came into work this morning (June 10th) to find the front window of his shop smashed.

Outside & inside view of the damage. Note, the windows were not broken open.
(Rick Raymond/Daytona Spy Shop)

He took to the shop's surveillance system to find out that just after one o'clock Sunday morning (June 9th), he had received a visit from two people.

In the video, a newer Chevrolet Camaro, estimated to be a 2019, is seen driving down Ballough Road. Not long after, it's lights shut off as it pulls into the parking lot of the Daytona Spy Shop.

The driver of the vehicle is then seen making a three-point-turn, to face the car out of the parking lot.

Then, two suspects with covered faces are seen exiting the vehicle before walking to the front of the spy shop.

There is where the passenger of the vehicle began to smash the front window of the business, but to no avail after the first few hits. Some time passes by and the two burglars are seen walking away.

But, before they're out of view, the passenger comes back and continues to smash the window, a total of 56 times according to Raymond.

The two suspects then retreat back to the car, before they're seen driving down Ballough and to Fairview Avenue.

While it may seem like an attempt at a regular "smash & grab," Raymond believes that he was actually targeted.

"We have high-end electronics, GPS trackers, hidden cameras, audio recorders," said Raymond. "But I believe that these individuals have been in my store recently."

Raymond says that a couple of people had visited the store last week that fit the physical description of the two suspects seen in the video. He says he'll be sharing that information with the Daytona Beach Police Department.

While the suspects never made it in, there will still be some damages to repair. Raymond says it'll cost around $1,000 to replace the window that was damaged on his front door.

That's because the glass used in the shop's front door is glass specifically made to combat hurricane strength winds thanks to a mix of polymers and multiple sheets of glass.

A worthwhile investment in Raymond's eyes.

"I mean if it can withstand a 150 mph hurricane force wind it can withstand a ball-peen hammer from some kid trying to break in," Raymond said, before laughing.

He's thankful that the pair didn't break in, but he says they should also be thankful they never made it through.

"Had they made it in, that's when it would have been much more difficult for them because we have cameras everywhere," said Raymond. "Not the brightest bulbs in the pack to be breaking into a spy shop."

In the front of his shop alone, he says there are 25 hidden cameras.

As of right now no report is available from the Daytona Beach Police Department.

Raymond confirmed that he has filed a police report and Messod Bendayan, Public Information Officer at DBPD, says he can confirm that officers were called out to the shop, but he can't confirm an investigation since no report is available yet.

The suspects have also not been identified.



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