96 Victims Hit In Identity Theft Ring, Suspect Arrested


Daytona Beach Shores, FL - A woman stands accused of having a hand in the defrauding of almost 100 victims, which includes a mix of Volusia County businesses and multiple individuals.

Yesterday (July 23rd), the Daytona Beach Shores Criminal Investigation Division arrested 31-year-old Nicole Siroky, following a 10-month investigation into an identity theft ring.

That investigation was a joint effort with multiple departments including the State Attorney's Office as well as the Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach police departments.

According to Daytona Beach Shores police, the investigation began in September of 2018 after management from Perry's Ocean Edge Resort reported a fraud.

In that case, Siroky was identified as a suspect. She was located in October of 2018 at the Atlantic Cove Motel in Ormond Beach where she was arrested on grand theft charges.

After her first arrest, detectives discovered a fraud lab consisting of credit card making equipment, personal information, electronic devices and hundreds of counterfeit cards.

Additionally, detectives found two stolen guns, heroin and narcotic paraphernalia.

Other evidence showed that Siroky's illicit business operated in hotels throughout the beachside of Volusia County.

Through the joint investigation efforts, it was discovered that from July through October of 2018, Siroky victimized 28 businesses in Volusia County and 68 people throughout the United States and Canada.

It was also discovered that two of Siroky's associates possessed and used some of the stolen information to defraud hotels, restaurants and retail stores.

Those associates are 35-year-old Tiffany Marie O'Reilly and 53-year-old Timothy Fitzgerald Hooper. Warrants have been filed for their arrests but they have yet to be located.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of O'Reilly or Hooper is asked to call the Criminal Investigations Division at 386-763-5347. You can also contact Crimestoppers at 1-888-277-TIPS (8477).

Siroky is currently sitting in Volusia County Jail with a bond set at $1,006,000.



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