New Smyrna Beach

30 Bones, Including Human Skull, Discovered in New Smyrna Beach


NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. - A shocking discovery was made in New Smyrna Beach this week, as well over two dozen bones were found including that of a human skull. The bones were discovered around 9:00 am on Tuesday, at the 1700 block of North Dixie Freeway. Police are investigating what is, for now, a highly mysterious case.

The remains were found by a city archaeologist, reportedly while examining a historical site. Detectives uncovered 30 bones in the subsequent search, with one being a human skull. Key information, such as the identity of the deceased, their race, sex, or cause of death is currently not known.

More updates will presumably come as police continue their investigation in the coming days and weeks. DNA will be used to help police find an identity.