3 Arrested for Shooting in Deltona's Wes Crile Park

2 Suspects Are Teens, No Injuries Reported


Three suspects are in custody for a shooting at Wes Crile Park in Deltona, according to a report from the Volusia Sheriff's Office. Two of those arrested are teenagers, and the other is a 24-year-old.

The call came in around 5:38 pm on Tuesday that there'd been shots fired in the park, with witnesses reported seeing three men involved. No one has been reported hit as of Friday afternoon, but the adult suspect was reportedly robbed during the exchange.

According to the VSO, 24-year-old Ethan Fontaine was conducting a drug deal in the park with 17-year-old Sean Campbell and 16-year-old Terrell Montgomery Jr. The latter two are said to have pulled guns and robbed Fontaine. After leaving the scene, Fontaine allegedly came back with a rifle, causing the teens to draw their handguns. Both teens are said to have fired shots at Fontaine, but did not hit him.

Using witness testimony and surveillance video in the park, with the assistance of analysis at the Volusia County Crime Center, detectives found and arrested the teenagers the same day, seizing guns, ammo, and 'other evidence connected to the shooting'.

Campbell and Montgomery were charged with shooting at a public building, with Campbell picking up additional charges of possession of a firearm by a juvenile anc carrying a concealed weapon. Fontaine was arrested the next day and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, plus violation of probation. According to the VSO, the incident affected voting in the Republican presidential primary election, which was going on nearby when the shooting occurred.

Those who may have additional information about the incident are asked to call (386) 860-7030.