Woman Hospitalized Following Dog Attack

By on February 11, 2019 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – A woman undergoes surgery at Halifax Health Medical Center after being attacked by a pair of dogs.

Around 8 p.m. yesterday (February 10th), Daytona Beach police responded to the emergency room at Halifax Hospital after getting reports of a woman who suffered major injuries from a dog attack.

Police would eventually meet up with the victim, who suffered over 18 injuries as a result of that attack.

She told police that shortly before 6:30 that night, she got off the bus near the Midtown Cultural and Education Center found off George Engram Boulevard when she started to walk towards her residence off Arthur Avenue.

As she walked north on Arthur Avenue, she said she started to hear dog chains rattling behind her, which would then be followed by multiple dog barks.

That’s when she turned around and two dogs lunged at her and started to attack.

She described the first dog to be a white and gray dog, and the other to be a white dog with black spots. She also told police both dogs were pit bulls, per the incident report.

The victim recalled that the larger of the two dogs grabbed hold of her right bicep, pulling her to the ground, while the second dog was attacking her on her left side from her arm down to her leg.

She told police that two bystanders, who appeared to be residents in her neighborhood, came and helped get the dogs off of her and render aid before help came.

911 audio provided by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office shows that the bystanders who called 911 had to use tasers to get the dogs off of the victim.

Police would eventually check out the victim’s home address, where they met her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend told police that he found out where the dogs came from and directed police towards that residence, another house on Arthur Avenue.

According to the report, officers found that a window on the north side of the residence was left open, which led to the dogs getting out.

When asked by police, the owner couldn’t provide verification of vaccinations or registration licenses for both of his dogs.

Both dogs were taken into custody and quarantined at Halifax Humane Society.

The dog owner also received a notice to appear in court for not providing any information on vaccines or registrations for the dogs.


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