Woman Arrested After Attacking Daughter & Niece

By on February 18, 2019 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – A woman is facing child abuse and battery charges after she dragged her daughter by the hair and hit her niece as she held her baby son.

That’s according to Daytona Beach police following the arrest of 36-year-old Latasha Hunter.

Police were called to her home last night (February 17th) after getting reports of a domestic disturbance.

When DBPD arrived, they found a broken window and could hear women yelling from inside the apartment. The responding officer could also see inside the apartment, and watched as furniture was thrown while one of the women screamed “get her away from me.”

The officer yelled for the door to be opened, which is when he was let inside. Once inside, he saw that the entire apartment was tossed, and he could hear a woman, later identified as Hunter, screaming incoherently at somebody.

He also found another woman bleeding from her arm, who told the officer “get her, she keeps coming after me,” as she ran out of the house with a child in her arms.

DBPD entered the bedroom and found Hunter, wearing a bra and shorts, still screaming.

The report shows that Hunter yelled at the officer, telling him to “get them all out of my house, it’s my house not theirs.”

After being asked to stop yelling, Hunter told the officer that he could get out of her house too. He told her that’s not how it worked and that he was there to investigate a disturbance.

Hunter’s son was pulled aside by DBPD, who said that he came home from working overnight and found her like this.

According to his narrative, his mother has a drinking problem and he found an empty bottle of liquor when he came home.

He told police that she “snapped” because his sister hadn’t come home that night.

The officer noticed that he had scratch marks on his chest, when asked if he was attacked he replied that he was trying to keep his mom off of his sister.

Officers then spoke to the other female from the apartment, later identified as Hunter’s niece, who told them that she has been staying with her to help out with bills.

DBPD also noticed that she was injured, with a pink shirt wrapped around her arm protecting a cut. She told officers it seemed pretty deep and that she wanted it looked at.

Police asked her if she knew how the window got broken. She told them that she had broken the window in an attempt to get away from Hunter because she was trying to go after her.

The report shows that Hunter had been drinking all night and became upset when her daughter got home.

When her daughter arrived, she grabbed her by the hair, that’s when her niece tried to intervene.

She said she stood in the living room and tried to calm Hunter down, saying that she was taking it too far.

The niece’s one-year-old son then began to cry, which is when Hunter grabbed him and held him.

The niece said she began to ask Hunter for her son, which caused Hunter to become more agitated. Hunter then gave her niece her son, but, while the niece tried to calm her son down, Hunter said “shut the (EXPLETIVE) up,” then smacked her in the face, causing her flasses to come off.

She then ran from Hunter and called her grandfather to come and help calm Hunter down. After calling her grandfather, she ran to her bedroom to gather her and her son’s things.

Hunter then began to threaten her and tried to come after her again, according to DBPD.

Eventually, her grandfather came and stood between her and Hunter, holding her back so the niece could get through the broken window to safety.

She told police that she didn’t want to press charges, she just wanted her Aunt to get help with her drinking problem.

Hunter’s daughter was no where to be found on the scene. Her son tried to call her but could not reach her. Police asked him if she was ok, to which he replied that his mother was angry because she “was out there being a ho.”

Hunter was arrested and charged with child abuse and battery by Daytona police. While she was being transferred to DBPD Headquarters at Valor Boulevard, Hunter told police she could not be arrested because police did not read her any Miranda Rights.

Hunter also asked multiple times why she was arrested, to which the arresting officer replied that she was arrested for domestic violence. She replied, “Against who? My daughter? Because she knows better than to talk to y’all against me, she knows what I’d do to her.”

Hunter also told police that since her niece lived with her she wouldn’t press charges out of fear of going homeless. Officers noted that she was clearly intoxicated, saying that she was slurring her words and that she smelled of alcohol.

Jail records show that Hunter is currently booked at Volusia County Jail, where she remains in custody on no bond.


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