Volusia Sheriff: Council’s Amendment 10 Move Meant To Drive Him From Office

By on December 7, 2018 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – Volusia County’s Sheriff thinks the Volusia County Council’s recent renewal of a legal challenge against an amendment he supported and voters passed last month was done in part to get him out of office.

Mike Chitwood made that statement – and plenty more – during his regularly scheduled monthly appearance this afternoon (December 7th) on WNDB’s Marc Bernier Show.

“There is no doubt in my mind that that is what’s behind this,” Chitwood said. “This is all about keeping the status quo. It’s all about keeping the good boy network in. It’s about a few people keeping power.”

The importance of Amendment 10 – also known as the “protection” amendment – and its effect on the county was the main topic of his appearance.

According to Chitwood, without Amendment 10, the Volusia County Sheriff is essentially a “figurehead”, with the VCC and high-level county administrators holding the real power.

“Now, my predecessor was happy doing that because he’s a bitch to the rich,” Chitwood added, referring to former Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson, who will take Joyce Cusack’s place on the VCC as the At-Large Representative next month.

Chitwood feels a lot of the resistance also comes from county staffers who don’t want to give their power up, noting that the county has fought “tooth and nail” in the past with other Sheriffs who have tried to get more control over budgets, personnel and other matters.

Soon after the VCC approved the move last week, Chitwood savaged them on his social media accounts, calling them “scumbags” who were attempting to circumvent the will of the voters.

Click “play” below to hear the full interview.

Earlier this week, VCC Chair Ed Kelley – whose resignation Chitwood has demanded after calling him an “abysmal failure” – defended the county’s move, saying there’s legal questions which need to be resolved before Amendment 10 can be implemented.

Kelley also claimed that the implementation of Amendment 10 would cost Volusia taxpayers millions of dollars, something Chitwood says he doesn’t believe.



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