Volusia County Chair Files Criminal Complaints Against Republican Executive Committee Chairman

By on August 1, 2016 in WNDB News


Volusia County, FL – The Volusia County Chair says he’s filing criminal complaints against the local Republican Executive Committee chairman.

Jason Davis has filed complaints with the FBI and the state attorney that Chairman Tony Ledbetter used the Volusia Republican voters guide to steer voters towards his opponent Ed Kelley in the August primary. “What you have here is, highlighted, one of my opponents and 2 committee people,” Davis told WNDB’s Marc Bernier on Monday. “This is a direct violation of Title 9, Chapter 104.061 – that is the Florida state statute, not a suggestion… it’s a statute that says you can’t do this.”

The Chapter Davis is citing states, “Whoever by bribery, menace, threat, or other corruption whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, attempts to influence, deceive, or deter any elector in voting or interferes with him or her in the free exercise of the elector’s right to vote at any election commits a felony of the third degree.”

All 4 candidates are on the sample ballot, but Kelley is highlighted, “as a personel favorite,” according to Davis. “There’s no bones about it,” he said. “Mr. Ledbetter has chosen Ed Kelley as his favorite. This is the one he’s supporting. He’s doing everything he can to promote this guy.” He went on to say “this is an illegal action.”

As the “highest elected Republican in the county,” Davis is calling for Ledbetter’s resignation because of these actions. Davis is also suggesting that the 3 individuals who are highlighted in the sample ballot, including Kelley, need to withdraw from their races to get the election back on track. According to Davis, “this might invalidate this election.”

State committeeman Paul Deering and state committeewoman Marilyn Ford were also highlighted.

Mayor of Ormond Beach Ed Kelley also spoke with Bernier on Monday. Kelley said “I had nothing to do with highlighting, it was not anything I subscribed to, nor is it anything that I would subscribe to.” He went on to say he would not resign, and said Davis will be missed if he goes through with his promise to boycott the debates and isn’t “man enough to stand up and debate the issues.”

Speaking of Davis’ actions and complaints, Kelley said “it’s a publicity stunt to try to attract attention to himself.”

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