Supervisor Of Elections Issues Open Letter On Security Of Voting Equipment

By on November 2, 2016 in WNDB News

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Volusia County, FL – In response to questions about the security of voting equipment, Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis has issued an open letter to voters in Volusia County.

“I’ve had several emails and several phone calls with people asking whether or not their ballot counts,” said Lewis. “I thought I might as well put it out there for everyone. Other people may have fears about it, or a little bit of anxiety… I’d like to try and ease some voters minds about how we do things here in Volusia County and even in the state of Florida.”

She also wanted to dispel the myth that not all absentee/vote-by-mail ballots are counted. “Absentee or vote-by-mail ballots are actually counted first,” said Lewis. “If you watch results when they come in on election night vote-by-mail and early voting results are the first ones released. 7:01… they’re out.” She went on to say every ballot that can be counted, is counted. If there’s no signature on the ballot or the signature on the ballot doesn’t match what’s on record, the Office of Elections will send an affidavit out to the voter, giving them a chance to rectify the issue and make sure their vote is counted.

Her open letter in full can be found below:


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