Street Vendors On SR 44 Near I-95 Could See Action From County

By on June 2, 2016 in WNDB News

Vegetable Stand

Volusia County, FL-Volusia County Councilwoman Deb Denys Thursday asked what could be done about street vendors on SR 44 setting up on either side of I-95. Some sort of action, such as a code enforcement sweep, is what was decided on by the Council today.

Denys was contacted by a resident who has a permit to sell agricultural goods, expressing concern about whether it’s legal for others to set up there. Denys said she is surprised there hasn’t been an accident in that area. There is also the question of trespassing, as drivers pull on to private property to buy produce and other items.

The resident who contacted Denys about the problem also had information on a man who appears to have organized the vendors. She said they need to get the issue under control.

Further discussion discovered that the problem is all around the county. County Manager Jim Dinneen said whatever they do, they have to treat everyone fairly. Dinneen says county staff would come up with a plan and bring it back to council at a future meeting.


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