Sheriff-Elect Chitwood Announces His Chief Deputy And Transition Plan

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Volusia County, FL – During a press conference on Thursday, Sheriff-elect Mike Chitwood announced his pick for Chief Deputy and he laid out a 5-point pledge to guide his transition into office.

During the event, Chitwood announced Lieutenant John Creamer, a 9-year veteran of the Daytona Beach Police Department, as his 2nd in command. “I’ve had a lot of great partners,” said Chitwood. “I’ve worked with and for a lot of great people. Simply put, John is the best of them all.” The 46-year-old Creamer said he was honored to have a chance to serve the people of Volusia County.

After spending hours interviewing hundreds of VCSO employees, Chitwood developed a 5 point pledge to guide his transition into the Sheriff’s Office, which he shared during the event:

  1. Leadership – Chitwood described a top to bottom shift to a servant leadership style of policing, and he said he won’t ask anything of his employees that he wouldn’t ask of himself
  2. Community Engagement – Chitwood said he will make it a priority to engage the community and build trust
  3. Diversity – Chitwood plans to recast recruitment and retention so that deputies better reflect Volusia County’s diverse community
  4. Technology – Chitwood wants to expand VCSO’s ‘toolbox’ and use new technologies to his departments advantage
  5. Accountability-Based Policing – Chitwood plans to streamline the Sheriff’s Office to respond more quickly to the needs of the community, and to measure results to help bring immediate resources to immediate problems

Over the next few weeks different sections of VCSO will come together to form a strategic planning committee, which will be known as ‘Team Green 17.’ This committee will guide the internal changes outlined by Chitwood during the first year of his tenure.


(Lt. John Creamer)

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