Rescued Mini Horse Dies Christmas Day After Being Attacked By Dogs

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Lake Helen, FL – A miniature horse rescued by a Lake Helen family was attacked by dogs on December 16 and died on Christmas Day from complications brought on by an infection.

Teddy, the Blair family’s miniature rescue horse, was mauled by dogs in his own field. “When I got home the attack was so vicious I just dropped to my knees,” said Ann Marie Blair, Teddy’s owner. “Teddy’s face and muzzle were just shredded.” The Blairs’ other horse, Penny, was also hurt but only suffered minor injuries. The family called the vet and the police right away.

Teddy suffered extensive wounds to his face and muzzle. Vet’s worked hard to help Teddy and he was stabilized later that night. On Saturday, December 17, Teddy was brought to the Equine Center in Ocala. On Dec. 22 the Blairs were told they could bring Teddy home.

On Christmas morning Teddy was having trouble breathing so Ann called the vet, who thought he might have gotten a cold. The vet came out on Christmas night and Teddy couldn’t breathe. A tube was put in his nose to help him breathe and he was rushed back to the Ocala Equine Center that night. When he arrived they had to put a trach in and do chest compressions. It turns out he was suffering from a muzzle infection.

The Blairs got a call the next morning that Teddy had passed away from cardiac arrest at 11:30 PM on Christmas night.

Teddy was only 5 and had been rescued by the Blair’s when he was 8 months old.

“I don’t have anything against dogs or anything, I have dogs,” said Ann. “I just want the owners out there to keep their animals on leashes and in their yards so it’s not a child, it’s not a horse, it’s not a dog, it’s not a cat that’s getting injured. We all just have to be responsible.”

A GoFundMe page is up and running to help cover the estimated $5,000 in medical bills the Blairs incurred while trying to help Teddy. To learn more or to contribute go to


Photos courtesy Larry Blair, Sr.

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