Police: Man In Boxers Tried To Enter Flagler Beach Home

By on September 27, 2018 in WNDB News

Flagler Beach, FL – A 28-year-old Flagler Beach man ends up in jail again after police think he got drunk and tried to break into someone’s home dressed only in his underwear.

Mitchell D. McNitt is held on $17,500 bond at Flagler County Jail following his arrest Tuesday afternoon (September 25th) at his home on South Daytona Avenue. He’s charged with two felony counts of burglary and criminal mischief.

According to the Flagler Beach Police Department, a 68-year-old man who lives with his wife on Palm Avenue called for help the night prior, saying a man in boxers knocked on his front door and then ran away after talking to him briefly.

The man told police he found his pool gate open and a flower pot which was on the second floor of his home knocked to the ground, but he thought at the time it may have happened due to high winds, per the arrest report.

He called FBPD again the following morning after his wife went into their backyard and found “numerous” smashed flower pots, a shattered glass table top, a shattered window pane and assorted damage to the home’s exterior stucco.

Investigators think the suspect threw the pots at the home in an attempt to get inside but never broke through, including through the inside layer of the double-paned window.

The arrest report also shows police found blood spots on a backyard rear gate and near the front door along with some clothing, including a pair of cargo shorts, socks, a shoe and a blue tank top with the logo of a pool company on it.

Later in the day, a neighbor told FBPD she and her husband had heard noises the night prior coming from the dock of the Palm Avenue home. When they went to investigate, they discovered a man trying to paddle away on a boat which appeared to be in distress, but the man refused any assistance from them, per the report.

After getting a description of the boat, police say one like it was discovered at the home of McNitt’s sister on South Flagler Avenue, and it was soon afterward when officers found out that McNitt worked at the same pool company whose logo was found on the tank top left on scene.

When questioned by police at his home later in the day, McNitt admitted that he “[expletive deleted] up” and had difficulty remembering where he was that night because he had been drinking, per the report. He did tell police that he remembered jumping out of a boat that night, but questioning was stopped at that point after McNitt’s mom got her son’s attorney on the phone.

While on his way to jail, police spotted “fresh wounds” to McNitt’s hands, face and back. Photos of those wounds were taken and investigators are now attempting to match his blood to the blood found at the scene.

FCJ records show McNitt’s been booked there 11 other times since 2010 on various charges, including driving under the influence, burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief, theft from a vending machine, violating probation and contempt of court.


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