Operation Predator Ends With 8 Local Sex Offender Arrests

By on March 23, 2016 in WNDB News

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Flagler County, FL – The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office just finished Operation Predator, a two-week campaign to confirm the addresses of sexual predators and offenders, and 8 offenders were arrested in the process.

Operation Predator, part of the Florida Sheriffs Association’s statewide spring operation, resulted in 8 arrests being made. Seven of those arrests were made in Flagler County and the other was made in New Jersey.

It’s a felony if a registered sex offender or predator doesn’t notify law enforcement of their address.

During the operation, FCSO deputies completed 54 address verifications. Flagler County has 109 sexual offenders and 5 predators. A sexual predator is someone who has been convicted of a sexually violent offense. It’s mandatory for sexual predators to notify the public when they change their address.

69-year-old Robert Horton was arrested at 160 Lantana Ave in Flagler. Horton is a sex offender from South Carolina who moved to Flagler without registering. He is still in jail.

Dorian Coppedge is a 37-year-old sex offender and was arrested at 41 Louisiana Dr. in Palm Coast for failing to register. Coppedge remains in jail.

Trevor Brandon, 28, was arrested at 600 Shady Oaks Dr. in Palm Coast. Brandon is a sex offender and was arrested for violating registration laws. He was later charged with another count of failing to register. He was released on $35,000 bail.

81-year-old Robert Wolf was arrested at 1528 County Road 305 in Bunnell. Wolf is a sex offender and was arrested for violating sex offender registration laws. He’s still in jail.

Joseph Sizemore was arrested at 402 N. Palmetto St. in Bunnell. The 29-year-old Sizemore is a sex offender from Oregon who has been charged as an unregistered sex offender living in Palm Coast. He remains in jail.

Luis Rivera, 35, was arrested at 600 Shady Oak Dr. in Palm Coast and is a sex offender arrested by FCSO for failing to register. He’s been released on $1,500 bail.

Earl Stokes is a 62-year-old sex offender who was arrested at 310 S. Anderson St. in Bunnell. He was arrested for failing to register and remains in jail.

James Mitchel fled Flagler County and was found and arrested in New Jersey for violating their laws. He has an active Florida-only warrant for violating FL registration laws. According to FCSO, “if he ever comes to Florida and is stopped by a law enforcement officer, h e will be arrested and brought to Flagler County.”

19-year-old Michael Hathaway is a sex offender who fled Flagler and now lives in New York. He, too, has a Florida-only warrant for his arrest. Like Mitchell, if he ever comes back to FL, he will be arrested and brought to Flagler.

Operation Predator was conducted statewide between February 21 and March 5. Several divisions within the sheriff’s office were helped by the Bunnell Police Department and the state attorney’s office.

To find out more about sexual offenders or predators living in your neighborhood, go to offender.fdle.state.fl.us/offender.


(left to right: Trevor Brandon, Dorian Coppedge, Earl Stokes, and Joseph Sizemore)


(left to right: Luis Rivera, Robert Horton, Robert Wolf, and Michael Hathaway)

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