Man In DeLand Tries To Escape Handcuffs After Being Arrested

By on May 23, 2018 in WNDB News

DeLand, FL – A man who was suspected of trying to cash a fake check at a DeLand bank is accused of trying to escape handcuffs with a stolen set of keys after being arrested.

Police responded to Mainstreet Bank at 204 South Woodland Boulevard at around 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The bank teller said two men were trying to cash a fraudulent check for $786. Both men were arrested, and one of the suspects was 33-year-old Brian Cote. Police also found drugs inside of the car Cote was driving.

According to arrest records, Cote appeared “very nervous.” While Cote was in the back seat of the police car, an officer reported that he heard a “ratcheting sound.”

Cote claimed he had an itch, but the officer reportedly noticed that Cote had moved the cuffs to the front of his waist. He was originally handcuffed behind his back.

After he was ordered to get out of the car and show his hands, Cote dropped a set of handcuff keys to the ground. Police say he grabbed the keys from the officer’s bag in the front seat of the cop car.

Cote faces several charges, including possession of drugs, attempting to escape and passing a counterfeit bank note with intent to defraud. He was held on $16,500 bail.

Cote’s mugshot courtesy of Volusia County Jail.


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