Man Chases Another Man With Bat Over Cheating Allegations

By on October 23, 2018 in WNDB News

Bunnell, FL – A Flagler man is arrested after he chases another man over allegations that he was having an affair with his wife.

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office got the initial report on Sunday (October 21st) about a disturbance with weapons off of Sawgrass Road in Bunnell.

When they arrived they met with the wife who said her husband, 51-year-old Thomas Ketchum, was chasing another man around with a bat.

According to her narrative, Ketchum holds a personal vendetta against him because of his past criminal history and the recent allegations that he’s having an affair with his wife.

Ketchum says that there is an ongoing criminal investigation against the man he was chasing and that he became enraged when he saw him. He admitted to grabbing a bat and approaching him, however, he claims that he did not come within 10 feet of him but he did advise him that he needed to leave.

The victim said that wasn’t the story, saying that Ketchum charged at him with a bat, screaming “you’re a dead man.” He also said that multiple people had to restrain Ketchum before the bat was taken away.

He also told deputies that this wasn’t the first altercation between the two.

According to FCSO’s report, Ketchum had chased him before in a Walmart parking lot in an attempt to fight him.

The victim told deputies he planned on pursuing charges against Ketchum.

Due to witness accounts and Ketchum admitting to deputies he had plans on hurting the victim, he was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault.


Ketchum reached out to WNDB to offer his perspective to the event.

The man has been identified as a convicted sexual offender who Ketchum claims has messaged his daughter online before.

According to Ketchum’s account of the event, his wife brought that man too close to his daughter and Ketchum felt he needed to step in and made sure his daughter stayed safe.

Per WNDB policy, the sexual offender won’t be named since he wasn’t charged in this incident.


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