GOP Holds Edge In Volusia & Flagler As Early Voting Ends

By on November 4, 2018 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – With two days left to go until election season ends, it looks like local Republicans continue to hold the advantage at the ballot box.


Early voting came to end tonight (November 4th) in Volusia County with 63,516 ballots cast and registered GOP voters casting just under 500 more ballots than their Democrat counterparts. That number doesn’t include provisional ballots.

That number is over 30,000 more than the 33,260 Volusia residents who early-voted during the last midterm election in 2014, with Democrats holding a slight edge at the end.

25,253 Republicans (40%) took advantage of the nine days of early voting in Volusia, while 24,797 Democrats (39%) did the same. Independents/other party voters make up the remaining 13,491 (21%) ballots cast.

16% of Volusia’s 399,750 registered voters opted to early vote in this election, 3% less than those who mailed in their ballots.

As of tonight, Volusia’s Supervisor of Elections has received 77,662 vote-by-mail ballots, with Republicans holding a larger edge (33,282 – 43%) than they do in early voting over Democrats (28,092 – 36%) and independents/other parties (16,288 – 21%).

That total is over 34,000 more Volusia ballots mailed in compared to the 2014 midterms.

Adding up early voting and mailed ballots, 35% of Volusia residents have already cast their ballots prior to Election Day on Tuesday, well ahead of 2014’s pace at this point. Overall turnout in Volusia during that election was 54%.


13 days of early voting came to an end in Flagler on Saturday (November 3rd), with 22,951 ballots cast. That makes up 28% of the county’s 82,611 registered voters.

Another 13,725 (16%) opted to mail in their ballot, meaning that nearly half of Flagler’s residents (44%) have already voted prior to Election Day.

Republicans (17,376 – 47%) lead the way by quite a bit in the 36,676 ballots cast so far, no surprise considering the party has over 8,500 more registered voters than the Democrats.

The blue side of the political aisle has filed 12,283 ballots (33%) so far, with independents/other parties making up the remaining 7,021 (19%).


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