Flagler County Warns Residents That Picking Palmetto Berries Is Prohibited

By on August 25, 2017 in WNDB News

Flagler County, FL – Flagler County wants to warn its residents that picking palmetto berries on County land is prohibited, and the county is increasing enforcement to catch those who pick them.

“It’s palmetto berry season, which means it is the time of year when we see people on the side of roadways and in our parks picking the berries,” Flagler County Land Management Coordinator Mike Lagasse says. “While some private property owners allow the harvesting of the berries with permission, picking palmetto berries is not allowed on Flagler County owned or managed preserves and parks.”

Officials say that the harvesting of palmetto berries has been problematic on many of Flagler County’s coastal and inland properties.

The same ordinance which prohibits picking the berries also forbids the removal of soil, rock, sand, stones, trees, shrubs, plants, or wood materials. Violators could pay a penalty of up to $500. “This practice can create unwanted debris on public lands, create unwanted trails, and harvesting palmetto berries reduces the amount of food for our wildlife,” County Administrator Craig Coffey adds.

There is also no licensing in effect for individuals who harvest palmetto berries.

If you see someone you suspect of harvesting palmetto berries on Flagler County property, you are asked to report it to Lagasse at 386-313-4064.

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