Flagler County Elections Supervisor Offers Voting Security Facts

By on July 25, 2018 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – With the primary elections only weeks away and concern about security and hackers, Flagler County Elections Supervisor Kaiti Lenhart has posted an Election Security Fact Sheet on the County website.

You can find that and any other information you need about voting, getting registered and the candidates running for office on the website.

Lenhart said that they have applied with the state for some of the money available from the federal government to be used for voting security.  She said at this time, they are still waiting for the request to be approved. When it is, Flagler County would receive $112,678.04.   Lenhart said her plan for the money is to upgrade electronic poll books.

Lenhart went on to say that to her knowledge, there were no issues with voting in Flagler County in 2016.  She did say that there was a possible virus attached to an email sent to several supervisors in different counties across Florida but none were received in Flagler County.

The primary election is on August 28, 2018. Lenhart said she sent out the overseas mail-in ballots on July 14.  Domestic ballots are expected to go out on Tuesday, July 31.  She estimated the total of mail-in ballots to be around 16,000.

The number of voters in Flagler County has set a record.  Lenhart said the total is over 81,000 voters.  She attributes the increase to more people moving to Flagler County and said there seem to be many voters who are registering for the very first time.





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