Daytona Beach Approves Zoning For Tattoo Shops In More Areas Of The City

By on March 7, 2018 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – On Wednesday, The Daytona Beach City Commission voted 5-1 to approve an amended measure to allow tattoo shops in more zoning districts throughout Daytona Beach.

The measure will allow licensed tattoo establishments in the following four additional zones:

  • Business Retail- 2
  • Redevelopment Beachside- Atlantic Ave. Retail
  • Redevelopment Downtown- Local Business Services
  • Redevelopment Midtown- Activity Center Mixed Use

(Charts of proposed additional zoning districts for tattoo parlors courtesy City records)

The approved measure excluded the “Business Retail 1” zone along Seabreeze Blvd. after a suggestion by Commissioner Rob Gilliland. “I think we’ve done enough damage to Seabreeze with adult-oriented businesses, and I think this would make that problem worse,” Gilliland said.

Gilliland said he was in favor of the tattoo shops and supported the measure, but he said the City should be selective when choosing where to allow them. “I think Seabreeze is the wrong place because of the Spring Breakers,” Gilliland explained. He said he thought that area would attract tattoo establishments that would only set up shop for a temporary period of time.

Commissioner Ruth Trager opposed the measure. “I’m not against tattooing. It’s your body; it’s your business. We already have 17 areas that permit (tattoo shops) as a right,” said Trager. “I do not see any necessity in adding to that because, if you cannot find a place in those 17 areas, you’re probably not trying hard enough.”

“The way we’re going, we might just as well have no zoning whatsoever and let everybody go with whatever they want, wherever they want,” said Trager. She added that she didn’t think the ordinance was fair to other businesses who were already in those zones to begin with.

The measure ultimately had to be passed without the originally proposed “Standards for Specific Principal Uses.” Those standards would have prohibited tattoo shops from being located within 500 feet of a single-family residential district or within 1,000 of another tattoo parlor. The standards were taken out of the resolution by the City Planning Board due to legal considerations.

Now that the tattoo zoning ordinance has been approved on first reading, it will be up for a public hearing on March 21.

The City Commission also approved an ordinance to amend the definition of a “tattoo establishment” to include cosmetic permanent eye makeup establishments. That ordinance will also be put up for a public hearing on March 21.

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