Couple Arrested On Child Abuse Charges At Park

By on November 16, 2018 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL – A couple find themselves in hot water after they’re arrested for abusing their daughter and attacking the woman’s mother who tried protecting their daughter.

Daytona Beach Police Department announced the arrests of 30-year-old Michael Schofield and 28-year-old Darlisha Coles after the couple was arrested following an incident that took place on Monday (November 12th) at Lenox Park off of 825 South Grandview Avenue.

According to the report, the mother of Coles and her partner took Coles’ daughter to the park to play. She called Coles later on in the day, asking to bring their son along with them. That’s when Schofield, the step-father, and Coles brought their son with a couple of electric toys to play with.

The daughter would get on one of the toys, an electric bike, and began to use it. The narrative shows that the daughter got off the bike and pushed it over, causing the bike to hit a trash can, which then caused the bike’s light to fall off.

Schofield would then approach the daughter and hit her, “with great force,” as the report says.

She began to cry and that’s when the mother approached Schofield and confronted him, saying “Don’t do that! Do not hit her on the face like that!”

Schofield would then yell back “Do not tell me what to do with my daughter!”

She would walk over to the daughter who would stand between her legs and continue to cry. She would then sit her on the bench and stand between the daughter and Schofield to protect her from further injuries.

It was then she said that Coles would come up behind her and try to snatch her daughter away.

That’s when she grabbed the daughter and told Coles and Schofield that they were not taking her with them.

Both Coles and Schofield tried to push and grab Coles’ mother to try and get to their daughter.

She would eventually break free from both of them and walk out of the park, walking down Frances Terrace.

As she walked home, she heard a loud vehicle approach from behind her, cutting her off from the front.

Both Coles and Schofield would come out of the vehicle and attack her while she still had their daughter in her arms. Coles would stand on her mothers’ side and pull her hair in attempts to pull her daughter away.

Her partner then came behind Coles and Schofield, demanding that both of them stopped. It wouldn’t be long after that Daytona Beach police would show up.

Later on in the day, investigators with Child Protective Services would show up at Schofield and Coles’ residence, taking both of their children into custody.

The next day (November 13th), the daughter would go under her medical examination, where they found bruises on her face, an injury consistent with a cigarette burn and evidence of substance exposure to THC and cocaine.

Both Coles and Schofield would be taken into custody on Wednesday (November 14th), charged with child abuse, neglect and aggravated assault.

They remain in custody as of this morning.



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