County To Remove Derelict Vessels From Waterways; Some Abandoned 10 Years Ago

By on November 14, 2016 in WNDB News


Volusia County, FL – The FWC has given a thumbs up and will provide funding for Volusia County to remove 10 derelict vessels from waterways in the area.

According to Joe Nolin, Project Manager with the Volusia County Coastal Division, those 10 vessels are in the Halifax and Indian Rivers and a contract for their removal should move forward in the next month or so. He anticipates all 10 of these approved vessels being removed by the end of the year.

And its about time… According to Nolin, a couple of these vessels have been sitting there for over a decade. “They’re environmental hazards, they’re navigation hazards, and they’re eye sores,” said Nolin. “They don’t belong in our community, they were illegally abandoned, and they need to be removed.”

Speaking of Hurricane Matthew, Nolin said “we had identified and engaged the state prior to the hurricane for these 10 vessels, and it did move them around a little bit and damaged a couple of them.” To make matters worse, the hurricane caused additional derelict vessels. The Coastal Division is working with the state to identify, verify, and qualify those vessels for removal in the future.






(Photos courtesy Joe Nolin and Volusia County Coastal Division)

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