11 Arrested In DBPD Reverse Drug & Sex Stings

By on December 4, 2018 in WNDB News

Daytona Beach, FL –  11 arrests have been made following multiple reverse stings for narcotics and prostitution in Daytona Beach.

According to Daytona Beach police, the stings took place last week on November 28th in different parts of Daytona Beach at different times, leading to the arrests of the following (In order left to right)*:

  • 41-year-old Jamar Nattiel
  • 46-year-old David Mordecai
  • 49-year-old Ismaiah Israel
  • 53-year-old Roy Hinsch
  • 36-year-old Kathleen Mercado
  • 52-year-old Edward Osterhoudt
  • 28-year-old Sasha Dent
  • 37-year-old Terri Sloss
  • 39-year-old Douglas Bragg
  • 27-year-old Joseph Stiles

*As of 12-4-2018, 11 arrests were reported by DBPD but only 10 reports were available.

The narcotic stings happened against Nattiel and Mordecai, both happening shortly after 12:20 that afternoon. Israel and Hinsch would also be arrested in the same area around two hours later. Osterhoudt, Bragg and Stiles would also be arrested for narcotics, but in different areas of Daytona Beach.

The report says that an undercover officer met with Nattiel on the westbound side of the 200 block of Lincoln Street.

That’s where Nattiel purchased counterfeit crack cocaine from the officer for $24. He was arrested not too long after purchasing the fake crack cocaine from the undercover officer. However, officers noticed that they could not find the fake cocaine and that it seemed that Nattiel threw it away before he was arrested.

Then the report says around the same time (12:21 p.m.) another officer was working undercover on Lincoln Street when they were approached by Mordecai.

The report shows that Mordecai traded a Dell laptop for three bags of counterfeit cocaine from the undercover officer. As he walked away from the scene and down El Dorado Street, he was approached by an officer. After being approached by an officer, he began to run east down El Dorado, apparently throwing something out of his right hand, however that item was not recovered. He was soon caught and arrested by DBPD. A search of his person would yield none of the cocaine.

Both Israel and Hinsch happened around the same time, just before three o’clock that afternoon. However, when police were trying to capture Israel, Israel tried to eat the counterfeit crack cocaine in an attempt to destory the evidence. Hinsch was also found to have THC oil on his person at the time of his arrest.

Around the 200 block of Nancy Drive is where another sting took place. There is where Osterhoudt met with another undercover officer and traded his watch for $30 worth of crack cocaine from the officer. After leaving the area and traveling briefly on Ridgewood, Osterhoudt was arrested and was additionally charged with possession of paraphernalia after officers found a glass smoking device with cocaine residue in it.

Another undercover officer met with Bragg in a parking lot off of North Atlantic Avenue, just before six o’clock that night. There is where Bragg offered to sell marijuana to the officer for $7, the officer instead offered $10. After selling the marijuana to the officer, he began to walk away where he was soon met by Daytona Beach police.

Stiles was the last narcotics arrest, occurring just before seven o’clock that night.

An undercover officer parked at a convenience store off of East International Speedway, where they met Stiles. They met with Stiles at that store where he would ask for a sample of the narcotics the officer was selling. After refusing to give a free sample, Stiles gave the officer 41 cents for a small bag of counterfeit crack cocaine, which he thought was real. He would then be arrested and charged with attempting to purchase crack cocaine 1,000 feet away from a church.

Other officers were working in areas of Daytona Beach known for prostitution.

Mercado made contact with police after she entered an undercover officer’s vehicle on Short Street and Ridgewood Avenue around 4:40 p.m. that afternoon. When she entered, she offered to give the officer oral sex for $40. That’s when the officer took Mercado to Bethune Point Park where she was arrested by officers who were waiting. A search of her person found a white cake like substance which tested positive as crack cocaine.

Five minutes later, undercover officers would make contact with both Sloss and Dent on the corner of Segrave Street and Cedar Street, where they entered an undercover officer’s vehicle. Dent asked the undercover officer if they were the police, to which they responded they were not. The officer told both Sloss and Dent that he wanted a “threesome” and was willing to pay $100. After agreeing to the sexual act, the officer brought them to Bethune Point Park, the same place where Mercado was arrested not too long before.

Both Sloss and Dent commented, “You guys got us this time,” according to the report.

Spokesperson Lyda Longa with Daytona Beach police said that Sloss was charged with felony prostitution as she’s been arrested twice before for felony prostitution. She says it’s also possible Sloss could have been arrested in a previous prostitution sting with DBPD.

All suspects were booked at Volusia County Jail.


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